Better Skin and Hair Guaranteed with Nuvera

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Clean Shower Water Is The Foundation Of Health And Beauty

Skin and hair issues like thinning hair, dry skin, eczema, brittle hair, and acne can be frustrating and are often linked to the quality of your shower water.

eskiin focuses on purifying your shower water, a crucial step for enhancing beauty and wellness, by filtering out harmful impurities & chemicals.

Better Skin and Hair Guaranteed

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Trusted By Thousands

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Trusted By Thousands

My skin loves it

"I struggled with breakouts and dry skin for years, but since using this filtered showerhead my complexion is so much clearer!"

My hair is so much healthier

"I’ve been using this shower head for about 3 months now. As someone who is very picky about my hair, I will never go without this filtered shower head again." 

Transformed my hair

"My shower feels like an actual spa and my skin and hair have drastically improved. No more breakages!

Effortlessly Glowing Skin

Filter out the harsh chemicals that have been breaking down the skin barrier and causing dryness, redness, and irritation. Now you can get your best skin yet, without doing a thing.

Luscious, Healthy Hair

Put a stop to hard water that is leaving your hair feeling dry and brittle. Say hello to soft, shiny hair and less breakages!

Promotes Hair Growth

Clear away product buildup for a healthy scalp, helping to encourage natural hair growth.

Save Money On Hair & Skin Products

Make your beauty products and self care routines go further by fixing the root of the problem, your dirty water. Plus, with softer water your products will lather up more and less product is needed.