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Soothy™ Skin-Soothing Bath Filter

Rehydrate your baby's skin, reduce irritation, and improve eczema in as little as 2 weeks.

Alleviate dryness, irritation, redness and eczema

Improves effectiveness of creams and lotions

Installs in seconds on any faucet

Made in collaboration with board-certified pediatric dermatologist


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Our filter is 100% non-toxic, child-safe, and dermatologist recommended.


KDF 55:


Purpose: Removes chlorine and heavy metals (like lead, mercury, and nickel).


Benefit: Reduces skin irritation and dryness caused by chlorine and heavy metals, promoting healthier, softer skin for your child.


Calcium Sulfite:


Purpose: Efficiently removes chlorine and chloramines from the water.


Benefit: Protects sensitive skin from harsh chemicals, helping to prevent dryness and irritation that can exacerbate skin conditions like eczema.


Vitamin C:


Purpose: Neutralizes chlorine and chloramines.


Benefit: Adds a nourishing element to the water, helping to soothe and protect the skin, making bath time more enjoyable and beneficial for children with sensitive skin.


Mineralized Balls:


Purpose: Adds essential minerals to the water, such as calcium and magnesium.


Benefit: Enhances the quality of the water, providing additional skin benefits by maintaining a balanced pH and promoting skin hydration.




Purpose: Removes heavy metals and other impurities.


Benefit: Helps in further purifying the water, ensuring that it is free from harmful substances that could irritate or damage the skin.




Purpose: Generates negative ions and improves water quality.


Benefit: Enhances the water's ability to hydrate and nourish the skin, contributing to a soothing and refreshing bath experience.


Activated Carbon:


Purpose: Adsorbs organic compounds, chlorine, and other contaminants.


Benefit: Provides an additional layer of purification, ensuring that the water is clean and safe, reducing the risk of skin irritation and allergic reactions.


Magnetic-Energy Balls:


Purpose: Softens the water by altering the structure of water molecules.


Benefit: Makes the water gentler on the skin, helping to reduce dryness and irritation, which is especially beneficial for children with sensitive skin or skin conditions.


Mesh for Catching Physical Contaminants:


Purpose: Traps large particles and debris.


Benefit: Prevents physical contaminants from coming into contact with the skin, ensuring a cleaner, more pleasant bath experience.

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10,000+ Happy customers

See What Parents Are Saying

our water is not as clean as we think.

Our water is not as clean as we think. In addition to chlorine, our water supply contains heavy metals, micro-plastics and hundreds of unregulated chemicals. 


These are a result of rusty old pipes, and human-led processes such as pesticides from farmland and chemical waste from factories.


When we bathe are children in this water, these toxins and contaminants can easily seep through their delicate skin barrier. Often resulting in:


Dryness, Irritation, Redness, Allergic Reactions & Skin Conditions such as Eczema.

say goodbye to skin irritations.

Our clinically proven 8-step filtration system instantly removes 99% of chlorine, heavy metals and other contaminants. Leaving your water pure and chemical-free. Say goodbye to dryness, irritation, and eczema, and hello to soft, smooth, and healthy skin.

The #1 Recommended 
Water Filter For Children

90-day money back

try for 90 days

Your child's well-being is our top priority, and we stand behind the quality and effectiveness of our product. Try us for 90 days, and if you don't see a positive improvement, we'll offer you a full refund.


Will this weaken my child's immune system?

No, our filter is designed to specifically target and remove harmful contaminants such as chlorine, heavy metals, and micro-plastics from the water.


It does not eliminate all bacteria, particularly the beneficial microorganisms that can naturally be found in water and are harmless to your child's health.


By focusing on removing the substances that cause skin irritation and health issues, the filter ensures that the water is safe and gentle for your child's skin without affecting their immune system.

How long does it last?

Our filter will remain effective for 2500 gallons of water, which is around 150 baths.

Does it affect the flow rate?

Our filter does not affect flow rate. You can expect the same steady and strong flow, just with cleaner and safer water.

How do I install the filter?

Installing your new filter is quick and easy. It comes with a convenient hook that allows you to simply hang it over the faucet.